#ATP Is The Newest Trend On TikTok This 2021 – What Does ATP Mean In Texting?

With a number of new videos being posted every day, it is important to learn the language used on TikTok. Whether you are interested in growing your following or want to join some trending challenges and contests, knowing what people say will help everyone be on the same page as they communicate with one another. If you’re not familiar with the language of teens on social media, “ATP” could be confusing. ATP is an abbreviation that’s popular among users right now – but what does ATP mean in texting?

what does atp mean in texting

What does “ATP” mean on TikTok?

“ATP” stands for “Answer The Phone”. Using TikTok is like learning a whole new language. You can go from not knowing any abbreviations to using them regularly, just by watching videos on the platform! Popular ones include “FYP” and “HJ” but recently “ATP” has been gaining steam too.

What does ATP mean in texting?

what does atp mean in texting
If you use a lot of slang and other abbreviations, then ATP probably isn’t new to you. You may have seen it on social media platforms or used in texting where the acronym is usually followed by its Urban Dictionary definition. The term stands for “at this point.” But the meaning is different in the TikTok world. “ATP” on TikTok means “answer the phone,” per HeightZone.

what does atp mean in texting

TikTok creators are always looking for ways to make their videos more engaging. That’s why it helps if you know the newest abbreviations, so you can stay relevant with your followers. #ATP has already earned 124 million views on the app. With videos of all types, ranging from duets with creators to poking fun at news, #ATP is a hit among TikTok users.

A recent popular #ATP video on the app comes from Must Watch Sports. In it, we see a tennis player upset that he missed a serve and as a result of his anger, throws his racket to the ground creating an epic scene! This hilarious moment has already garnered 116k likes and 163K views.

@must.watch.sportsThat player got insanely angry 😡🤣 #fyp #foryoupage #Tennis #TennisTV #ATP #ATPTour #Kyrgios #Sport #Sports♬ Crank that x Poke it out DJ Yames – Dj_yames

The next video that has become popular on the app comes from TikTok user CincyTennis. In this interview, you can see different interviews with tennis players adding weird phrases to them which have received 212, 900 likes and 1.4 million views so far.

@cincytennisOur favorite #CincyTennis interviews ever 😅 thanks @jimmyfallon #tennis #jimmyfallon #fallontonight #andymurray #djokovic #sharapova #atp #wta #fyp♬ original sound – CincyTennis

The best part about this abbreviation is that you don’t have to use it in your TikTok — although, if done correctly, it would make sense. You can simply tag the hashtag on your content for more views of your page.

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