Fast N’ Loud Fans Worries Christie Brimberry Won’t Appear In 15Th Season After Thyroid Cancer Rumor

Everyone’s favorite Gas Monkey Garage employee, Christie Brimberry from Fast N’ Loud is promoting the show’s 15th season. But when fans saw a trailer for it, they were wondering whether or not she was still involved in the program since she doesn’t appear in it. As a result, she will definitely be featured in the latest season of her popular automotive reality show, However, there’s a time when fans were afraid she wouldn’t because of recurring health issues.

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Christie had a cancerous lymph node removed from her thyroid in October 2016. She wanted to encourage others not to ignore potential health issues, so she posted an inspiring post on Facebook about it. Unfortunately, her voice box was damaged during the operation.

She posted: “In the process, the nerve to my voice box was cut and I will have no voice for a while, maybe up to 6 months. I am home, and I am OK. I have a tube in my throat, but I will get that removed today, and hopefully, it will start to heal QUICKLY! I will have to take radiation soon and hopefully, that will be the end. Despite everything, I feel lucky and I feel blessed to have so many supportive people around me helping me and my family get through this. The reason I’m putting this out there is that I want you guys to realize how important it is to see the doctor if you have something that doesn’t feel right. This journey only started 7 weeks ago and it had already progressed this far! PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I love you guys.”

Christie underwent chemotherapy as part of her treatment before surgery. Luckily, Christie is now cancer-free and the Gas Monkey Garage Facebook page announced this to their fans in a touching December 2017 post:

Who is Christie Brimberry’s husband?

christie brimberry

Christie Brimberry is married to successful hairstylist, Darren Brimberry, who owns Muse The Salon and Craft & Company Salon in Texas. The couple lives with their four children and Christie has two kids from her previous marriage as well. Although Darren doesn’t seem too active on social media, his Instagram shows that he knows what’s up when it comes to hair care.

Christie Brimberry’s net worth

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Christie’s job as a manager at the famous Gas Monkey Garage has paid off in dividends, with her net worth expected to be around $1.5 million – but it could potentially have been much more than that! Christie describes herself as being like a “zookeeper” who keeps all of their mechanics in line. Christie shares that despite the insanity she deals with on a daily basis, there are friendships within GMG that keep her here. She says she will never leave this company because of its deep bonds among co-workers.

The 15th season of Fast N’ Loud is bound to be interesting and exciting.

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Richard Rawlings, the founder of Gas Monkey Garage, promises that Season 15 is going to be amazing for fans. However, he shared with Joe Rogan on the podcast recently that getting deals now isn’t as easy because people know his face and assume he’s got so much money.

In the first episode of this season, the Gas Monkey Garage crew was able to get their hands on an iconic car featured in Steve McQueen’s Bullitt. They built a new-and-improved version of it, as well as reenacting its famous chase scene! It was pure genius. Check out for yourselves:

Tune in to the entire show, including Christie and her crew on July 15 at 9 p.m. ET!

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