Does “The Bureau of Magical Things” Stars Julian and Elizabeth Cullen Share a Blood Relationship?

With a unique take on human-magical co-existence, The Bureau of Magical Things arrived at Netflix in 2020. If you don’t know what the show’s about yet – here goes: In this world where technology and magic have been balancing each other out for centuries, Kyra does her best to restore that balance despite being just a teenager herself.

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Fans are curious about whether the actors in the series, Julian Cullen and Elizabeth Cullen who play siblings elves Darra and Imogen Blackwell respectively, share a blood relationship since they also have the same last names.

Are Darra and Imogen related in real life?

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Julien and Elizabeth from The Bureau of Magical Things are just another brother-sister duos in a long line of famous fictional siblings! However, they actually auditioned for roles that weren’t originally meant to be related. Even though the characters Darra and Imogen were not in blood relations before their auditions, both actors managed to secure their big break on the show together.

“We auditioned separately and originally we weren’t going to be playing brother and sister,” said Elizabeth. “It just kind of happened.”

Darra and Imogen are very different even though they’re siblings

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In The Bureau of Magical Things, Darra and Imogen are very different characters. While they both want to be part of the Department for Magical Intervention, their personalities conflict with each other in every way possible. Imogen is extremely studious and prefers to work alone. She’s not really a fan of teamwork, so it takes her some time before she opens up to Kyra – the protagonist. Unlike Imogen, Darra is more social. He’s able to make friends easier and he shows interest in Kyra from the start. Possibly because of his difference in attitude, he isn’t as concerned with schoolwork or becoming a member of DMI like she is.

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of Darra and Imogen in the future. On Instagram, Elizabeth Cullen announced that The Bureau of Magical Things Season 2 will be available on Netflix in July 2021 (in Australia). There was no word about when it would come out for U.S viewers though. In the second season of the show “The Bureau Of Magical Things” which has yet to be released, it’s unclear whether a third will happen just yet. But thanks to an announcement from the cast, we know that in Season 2 Kyra continues harnessing her power and goes on another adventure to find The Temple of Purple Lotus.

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