Tennis Player Teaches His Opponent The True Meaning Of Sportsmanship

First held in 1905, the Australian Open has become one of the premier tennis tournaments in the world. Held in January each year, the event takes place in Melbourne and is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments of tennis. While there are lots of other tennis tournaments held, the Grand Slam majors are the most important ones in the sport.

This year’s competition featured a match between the soon-to-be-retired Lleyton Hewitt and the American-born Jack Sock. Hewitt, a former champion, had his first serve at 30-0 ruled as out. Accepting the call, he prepared to serve again. However, in a showing of sportsmanship at its best, Sock suggested to Hewitt that he might want to challenge it. It may seem a bit strange to give the opponent a hand, but what fun is any sport when bad calls are being made?



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