‘On My Block’ Star Julio Macias Without The Badass Tattoos And Costume

Sometimes in the real world and on television, we find ourselves ridiculously attracted to someone who shouldn’t be into us. In Netflix’s new show On My Block, that crush is none other than tattooed gang leader Oscar “Spooky” Diaz (Julio Macias). He first appears as soon he gets released from prison at Season 1 opening.

julio macias

It’s been three seasons, and our problematic crush for Oscar is still going strong. While he originally encouraged his brother Cesar to join the Santos gang in season one, the second season was a bit rockier. That’s after Cesar didn’t step up to shoot Latrelle, he became homeless for most of the season but by the end, they made up and Julio Macias character became attractive even more.

So you want to know about Julio Macias’ personal life? Very well then, read on and learn everything there is that we can tell.

Is Julio Macias Single?

The transformation from actor to character is truly something special. When you see how Julio transforms himself for his role in This Is Us, it’s hard not to believe that there is some kind of makeup and costume jobs out on television these days. And then there’s a customing job done on Julio that turns him into Spooky. When you see the actor without all that massive neck tat, face tat, facial hair, and shaved head, it’s like they are wearing a different face.

julio macias

When we saw how Julio cleans up for the red carpet, we really can’t believe our eyes. And since he manages to keep his Instagram page relatively professional, there aren’t very many pictures of him on social media that show off his private life. We’re not sure whether it’s a good thing or bad. The fear that he’s taken is what keeps us crushing on him. Does he have a girlfriend and does she seem jealous? however, we definitely respect that. But, it seems that Julio has been spotted in a few pictures with one Shannon Shodder on a couple of red carpet occasions. We can’t find any information about her online or on any social media channels.

julio macias

Julio Macias Has Been In A Lot Of Things.

In an interview with People en Español, Julio announced that “there is a lot of change” for the next season. He teases potential fans to keep tuned in and watch how their lives progress throughout his show. He continues, “There are two new chess pieces introduced in this new gang. There are reunions with old family members — it’s heavy.”

julio macias

He added: “The writing is incredibly smart and also very funny. It makes you think about serious issues and makes you think about not only your own life but someone who is living across the street from you. It’s done in a palpable way through comedy. At the end of the day, you have to find a way to smile and to overcome.”

It’s not just movies and TV that Julio Macias is working on. The 29-year old actor has his hands full preparing for what he says will be one of the most anticipated projects this decade: Selena: The Series. The audience will be captivated by Julio as he takes on the role of Pete Astudillo, Selena’s backup dancer and singer with Los Dinos.

julio macias

Julio told People: “It’s a beautiful homage to Selena. She became such an icon so quickly and was then taken away from us. Praise J.Lo and everyone who made that first movie, but that was just a quick synopsis of everything Selena was, and Selena’s story is about all of the Quintanillas.”

Watch Season 3 of On My Block on Netflix, and watch out for his role in Selena: The Series.

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