Blogger, 19, Is Detained After Offering Free Sex On Social Media

A Chinese blogger caused chaos in a Chinese city after telling people she would have sex with them for free on social media.

There were claims that around 3,000 people flocked to the hotel the woman said she was staying at in southern China.

The woman, identified as 19-year-old Miss Ye, has been arrested by local police on suspicion of advertising about prostitution, according to a police statement.

The incident is said to have happened in Haitang Bay, Sanya, on Hainan island of southern China, according to Chinese news site

Police launched an investigation upon receiving reports from DoubleTree by Hilton, said

Apparently, Miss Ye uploaded a post at 8 pm on March 1 to advertise for her ‘free sex service’.

The post, which has been deleted, read: ‘Who’s coming to get me…to have sex…for free.’

Then she left a room number 6316 in the post.

Miss Ye is said to have arrived at Sanya, a popular tourist destination in China, on February 26 from Shanghai, east China.

DoubleTree by Hilton confirmed that the suspect had checked in at the hotel around 3 pm and stayed in room 6316, according to

After she uploaded the post, she was forced to check out her room at 10 pm as numerous people knocked on her door, said the report.

The hotel’s concierge also received phone calls asking for the details of the guest staying in room 6316.

Miss Ye free sex online

Pictured: Chinese blogger, Ms Ye, wrote a post to ask people to look for her at room 6316 of Double Tree by Hilton hotel as she claimed to offer free sex

Miss Ye free sex online

Double Tree by Hilton receive calls that people are asking for details of the guest staying at room 6316 (left). Some web users film as they are looking at the room in the hotel (right)

The young blogger, feeling scared, replied under her post and said she was just joking and begged web users to stop looking for her at the hotel.

Videos emerged online as some men film themselves going to the hotel and looking for Miss Ye.

‘I’m on my way to room 6316, hahahahhaha, and here I am!’ said one man who was filming his journey.

Other web users posted pictures of the door sign on WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app, and said they were queuing outside the room.

Police reportedly arrested Miss Ye at a hotel at Sanya Phoenix International Airport on suspicion of advertising about prostitution.

Miss Ye free sex online

Ms Ye is seen leaving the hotel with the help of a hotel staff member on March 1 night (left). She then posts online to beg web users to stop sharing her post and said it was just a joke (right)

Miss Ye free sex online

Double Tree by Hilton at Haitang Bay, Sanya, reported the incident to local police

According to a statement issued during a press conference on March 3, Miss Ye requested hotel staff to escort her out of her room and put her in a taxi.

The statement also said Miss Ye admitted to the police that she had intentionally posted the message online to attract followers.

Her social media account on Weibo has been taken down.

MailOnline has contacted DoubleTree by Hilton at Sanya for comments. One public relations officer said the hotel is looking into the matters.

The woman has been given a 15-day detention and a 500 yuan (£57) fine in accordance with the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China.

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