TikTok Lug Nut Challenge Slammed as Illogical and Life-Threatening

TikTok is taken over by yet another dangerous trend called Lug Nut Challenge and we’ll tell you why you should never try it.  Just when you thought trends such as the ‘Devious Lick’ challenge and ‘Slap A Teacher’ Challenge weren’t enough to turn 2021 into a nightmare, there is another fad that’s taken over the Internet.

Only recently, a list consisting of all dangerous challenges planned for the current academic year left parents terrorized. And, it appears like the last few months of the year will only see the situation get worse if we don’t put an end to it.

How did the “Lug Nut Challenge” arise?

Lug Nut Challenge is a recent TikTok trend that involves one loosening the lug nuts of a random car and then filming the aftermath. On loosening or removing the lug nuts, the tire ends up separating from the car. So, if the owner of the car starts the vehicle and starts to drive without being aware of what the dangerous trend has done, they’re bound to crash or meet with an accident. While it is not just dangerous but also illegal to do this on anybody’s car, it seems like the Internet isn’t paying heed to it as Lug Nut Challenge is already influencing the users.

@kella.and.skyebotPSA: CHECK YOUR LUG NUTS!!!!!! #lugnuts #beware #lugnutchallenge #safety #fyp♬ original sound – Kella Crider

While no incidents or damages resulting from the Lug Nuts Challenge have been reported yet, you can see several TikTok users giving it a shot. The platform is filled with videos showing people loosening the lug nuts from the car tire and putting the separated part on display.

@project_g6#wot #confused #fuckedup #lugnuts♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

Meanwhile, some TikTok users have warned the rest to check the tires of their cars before getting into them as they could have fallen victim to this dangerous trend. And, some unfortunate car owners have shared TikToks to show the lug nuts from the tires of their cars removed.

@sutherlandautoStuff mechanics hate episode 1 #mechanic #mechanictok #rant #acura #jdm #lugnut #locking #frustration #helpme #foryoupage #fyp #hate♬ original sound – Mitchell Sutherland

Twitter Slams the Latest Trend

Several Twitter users have strongly criticized the Lug Nut Challenge, urging one another to stop encouraging such trends that could be life-threatening. One said, “Just When You Thought #TikTok Couldn’t Get Worse, the Lug Nut Challenge Appear”.

Aside from the dangerous consequences, it is worth mentioning that the “Lug Nut challenge” is illegal in several states. Those who take part in the trend will have to pay the car owners for the caused damages and can also face criminal charges, including murder or a serious injuries lawsuit.