Meet ‘Sweet Tooth’ Star Christian Convery’s Real Life Mother

Sweet Tooth, a family-friendly adventure drama on Netflix starring actor Christian Convery as Gus, a part-human, part-deer kid, plunges viewers into the aftermath of a pandemic.

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Christian, despite his young age, is an impressive actor with a long list of acting credits. Before landing the role on Sweet Tooth, he starred in movies like Beautiful Boy and Descendants 3. There’s not much information about his family background but there are rumors that they’re also actors as well.

What Is “Sweet Tooth” All About?

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Sweet Tooth is a heart-warming tale of a young boy who sets out on an adventure to find himself after so-called Real Men kill his father, Pubba (Will Forte). Determined to feel safe again he teams up with Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) and goes on this journey but what about Christian’s parents? Who are they exactly?

Christian’s mom is Lisa Convery, an actress who appeared in Troubled Waters, Sous le Soleil, and more. She likes to travel frequently with her son Christian to cool places like Queenstown, New Zealand.


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In “Sweet Tooth,” do Gus and his mother reunite?

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As Season 1 Episode 7 of Sweet Tooth, Gus and Birdie (Amy Seimetz), the woman for whom Gus traveled all the way to Colorado, reveals that despite what it might seem like between them, they are not related by blood at all. A huge revelation comes from Gus’s way in the action-packed episode. It turns out that neither of his parents is who he thought they were. In fact, as we see from this show, Gus was created inside a lab before being saved by Pubba.

Christian told YouTuber Steve Varley, “I think Gus is going to be the same cheerful deer boy he is, always the same, looking for his mom, going on adventures with his friends. I think that it changes him during that moment, but I think he stays strong and he pushes through with his hopeful heart, and I think he is going to be that nice deer boy [that you know].”

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Christian described the opportunity to portray Gus as once-in-a-lifetime. When asked about whether he had read Sweet Tooth, the comic book series by Lemire on which Netflix’s original is based, Christian responded with a resounding yes and said that he read the books several times. “I’ve read all of the comic books by Jeff Lemire many multiple, multiple times and learned so much from them about Gus and my fellow characters,” He said. “I learned so much from this experience, playing Gus because I’ve never played such a unique role.”

You can now binge-watch the first season of Sweet Tooth on Netflix!

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