What Happened To Tyler Cassidy Also Known As Froggy Fresh?

In 2012, the internet was full of hilarious videos that helped to shape online humor for years to come. One video, in particular, is “The Baddest” from Krispy Kreme – aka Froggy Fresh. This man gained a following when he posted his comical rap songs about being short and looking for women with hilarious results.

froggy fresh

Tyler has been posting videos and songs under the stage name Froggy Fresh between 2012 and 2016, accumulating millions of streams on Spotify. He’s even managed to publish albums. However, back in 2018, all of the Froggy Fresh social media channels became silent. What happened to Tyler?

Tyler the Creator announced that after working on his album “Escape from Hood Mountain,”, he would likely retire Froggy Fresh. He made this announcement in a since-deleted YouTube video where it said: “I’m growing up.” He said that the character is meant to be a comedic project, he is moving instead to create a new brand under his own name.

froggy fresh

Tyler’s YouTube channel is currently booming. His channel has grown to over 260,000 subscribers with his new music that is less about a comedic persona he created for himself than it is from what goes on in real life – though still managing sneak jokes into the songs like “Chris Hemsworth.”

After rapping about still bringing in girls despite his five-foot stature, Tyler has finally found love with Jessica, in July 2019. I mean even Beyonce thinks he’s cute so of course their marriage is no surprise to any of the loyal fans who follow him.

froggy fresh

With no updates since 2018, it seemed that the Froggy Fresh star had fallen off of our screens for good. But recent posts have reignited hope in fans and followers. A Reboot is Coming? Tyler resumed posting on social media following the release of his latest album this year- finally giving us some much-needed humor with new content under Froggy fresh brand.

froggy fresh

Tyler posted a video sending a message to all of his “haters” who say he’s irrelevant. He then shows them that President has been emailing him lately — so clearly they’re wrong. He said, “I seen somebody say that all women deserve a man taller than them. And, while that might be true, that doesn’t mean I can’t try hard and still do OK.” Alright so moving on, a lot of people say I’m not successful, and I was just checking my business email — why do I have messages from Mr. Trump?”

It’s a good thing that Tyler has been sporadically making posts on his Froggy Fresh pages, though it is unclear if this means he will come back before 2020 ends.

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