What Does The “Rizz” Means on TikTok 2022

rizz meaning

All you need to do is look at TikTok to observe how that language is still developing. The platform is well-recognized for producing new slang that seems unusual or alien to most people. Still, even if it is never widely accepted, such slang might enter the general language over time. This most recently occurred with the term “unspoken rizz.”

What does “rizz” mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, the expression “unspoken rizz” has spread, although many users are still unsure about what it means. It’s critical first to comprehend what the term “rizz” means before deconstructing that concept. According to reports, prominent YouTube and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat coined the phrase first. Kai uses the phrase to describe his aptitude for seducing women.

The phrase, which dates back to the summer of 2021, more broadly refers to a man’s capacity to seduce women, according to Urban Dictionary.

Kai reportedly coined the phrase to aid his pals with their love lives, but it turns out that “rizz” is more complicated than a single phrase. In actuality, there is a whole tier structure to explain.

rizz meaning

What is an “unspoken rizz”?

Underneath “rizz,” in Kai’s design, are three distinct classes. L, V, and W are the three grades, with W being the best and L being the lowest. While W says that you won, L suggests that you failed to impress the woman and lost.

The rarest type of skill in captivating women exists in addition to these grades and is known as an “unspoken rizz.”

However, the “unspoken rizz” is quite simple. It alludes to a man’s capacity to captivate a woman silently. That means that a man is so attractive that women are captivated by him before he even speaks.

Having an “unspoken rizz” is quite uncommon, according to Kai. It’s probably reserved for Michael B. Jordan or the Hemsworth brothers.

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One of the numerous new words on social media is “unspoken rizz.”

If you find it unusual that Kai merely coined a term that is now commonly used, you probably don’t spend much time online. It might be challenging to keep up with the new terms and phrases that constantly appear online.

Even while they appear to be codewords to the normal person, seemingly random strings of characters, such as FNF, Purr, or 304, might have immense meaning inside TikTok.

rizz meaning

Although Kai doesn’t provide concrete advice on how to do so, it appears that much of it boils down to confidence. Having too much confidence might be a problem, but as long as you know how to tread carefully, you should be alright. It’s acceptable to concentrate on your “rizz” game as long as you continue to be respectful.