Find Out the Chupagetti Meaning on TikTok 2022


Scrolling through TikTok can be a simple way to relax and remove your mind from the stresses of daily life for a short period. Unfortunately, increasing social media users are experiencing a seemingly minor but bothersome problem. A new phenomenon might be if the brownie recipe appearing in comment sections didn’t make your head spin. What exactly is Chupagetti? What does it mean on TikTok?

What does Chupagetti mean on TikTok?

A new phrase, “Here’s the recipe for chupagetti,” was coined by TikTok commenters in response to videos on the platform. As a predecessor to this, the brownie recipe trend, which was widely copied and pasted into the comments of posts online, called for a hefty amount of butter and eggs as well as a cup of sugar and one-third a cup of cocoa powder.

According to Mashed, the brownie recipe did not include any specific instructions, such as the temperature in the oven or the size of the pan, which may have contributed to the negative feedback.


Chupagetti-related trolls have taken over YouTube like brownie recipe trolls have occupied their time in recent months: they’re constantly commenting, “Here’s the recipe,” on videos.

The move has been criticized by TikTok devotees and anyone who enjoys perusing the comment sections of their videos. The trend, as many Twitter users have pointed out, is making their user experience a lot less enjoyable.

“If I see another, ‘Here’s the recipe for chupagetti’ TikTok comment, I’m deleting the app for a week,” tweeted @sheynlynn.

“Every comment section on TikTok be like: ‘Here’s the recipe for chupagetti,'” tweeted @louvrejae.

“‘Here’s the recipe for chupagetti’ in TikTok comments is annoying the hell out of me,” tweeted @saffeiartcafe.

Chupagetti is a combination of a swear word and spaghetti.

Chupagetti’s meaning should be evident if you’ve ever had a Chupa Chups lollipop in your hand. The most common way to describe chupagetti is as a mashup of the Tagalog curse word tsupa with spaghetti. Chupa is a Spanish word that means something similar.


Credits on the Followchain Tyrone Tiaga, a Filipino YouTuber in his thirties, is credited with coining the term. However, even if you know the backstory, as most TikTok users do, it doesn’t lessen the annoyance of hearing the phrase for the first time.

TikTok’s moderators need to step up their game and devise a strategy to counter the rapidly growing trend, which we can only hope they do soon.