Why Did Cardi B Delete Her Twitter Account?

why did cardi b delete her twitter

The Grammy Awards are a time for many artists to reflect on the past year’s musical accomplishments. The Omicron-delayed awards show, on the other hand, brought about something far less ideal for Cardi B: her complete deletion of Twitter and Instagram.

Many of Cardi’s fans were taken aback by her decision. Is there a specific reason why did cardi b delete her Twitter? Keep reading for a complete breakdown of the situation.

Why did Cardi B delete her Twitter account?

Cardi B’s decision to delete her Twitter account may have been motivated by a backlash she received from fans for not attending the 2022 Grammys and not releasing new music. Cardi B went off on fans who criticized her decision not to attend the prestigious award show in a series of posts that have since been deleted.

“I bet your son wouldn’t like for you to be on your a– while teasing us fans and never dropping music,” wrote a clearly upset fan, who initially spurred Cardi to clap back.

“I hope your mom’s die,” she wrote to begin, before ranting against other fans who believed her skipping the Grammys was a bad decision.

The crass comment spurred another fan to tweet, “My thing is why hype us up if you know you not going from the jump? She needs to take her fans more seriously cuz this is getting ridiculous I’m sorry.”

This caused Cardi to state, “When did I hype y’all up? Where and when did I ever [give] hints? Like are you okay,” adding “I’m not going to [an] award show if I don’t get a new song to perform Or my album ain’t out.”

The rapper also told other fans to “drink acid” and “s–k d–k” in other deleted posts. When one fan insinuated that Cardi’s daughter, Kulture, is autistic by writing “Do you kiss your [autistic] child with that mouth?” Cardi replied, “None of my kids are autistic … Don’t project what you got on my kids the f–k,” before announcing that she was leaving the platform.

“I’m deleting my Twitter but on God, I hate this f—in dumb–s fan base,” she wrote directly before deactivating her account. “You got the slow dumb–ses dragging my kids all-cause y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t, the f–k? When the f–k I hinted I was going? Just f–kin stupid. I can’t. I need to protect myself.”

She continued her rant on Instagram after deleting her Twitter account, but she ended up deleting her Instagram as well.

Cardi chose to jump on Instagram Live instead of Twitter to continue her tirade against fans who had slammed her on the other platform, but the video has since expired.

Cardi led off the live video message by telling viewers, “It gets me annoyed when other people talk about me. But when my own f—ing fans talk s–t about me, that s–t really pissed the f–k out of me, bro. That s–t really pissed me the f–k off.”

She then addressed the tweet about wishing death on a fan’s mom, saying, “That person bring up my son. If you talking s–t about me, why you bringing up my f—ing son?”

If you bring up my son, I hate you, I wish the worst on you, I wish the worst on your mother, your father, your sister, your everything. I hate you, b—h,” she added. “I wish your f—ing existence f—ing disappear off earth, because you a dumbass b—h for bringing up my mother f–king son.

In her comments about autism, Cardi said that “there’s nothing wrong with that disorder” before telling fans “I have friends that have children that are autistic. But my kid doesn’t have that. So if I want to say, ‘Don’t put that s–t on my kid,’ I can say that. Why am I wrong for me saying that? My child has been getting hate since the day she came out my f—ing p—y.”

Closing out her fiery tirade, Cardi told fans, “I be wishing I could catch y’all so I could kill y’all with my own f—ing hands. I’m not taking anything back, suck my d–k. F–k outta here.”