Boy Invites Autistic Friend To Birthday, Then Mom Adds Handwritten Note About Their Friendship

When parents first discover that their child is afflicted with an illness that will affect their interactions with others, it’s hard to imagine what life will be like for them. The parents learn to adapt their schedules and needs to fit those of the child’s, in hopes that life will be easier for him or her. Often, however, people outside this child’s family may not consider his or her needs in the same way.

But as a mom of three Tricia Klein found out, there are a few kind souls who are considerate of her child’s needs. Tricia’s son, Timothy, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism at 2 years old. Since then, she has helped her son overcome the daily challenges he faces. Though he struggles with interacting with others, he loves many of the same things other 7-year-old kids enjoy: he likes to play soccer, swim, and watch YouTube videos. But it isn’t uncommon that his mom has had to decline his invitations to parties because of his condition.

But one day, a note from a mother whose son was in Timothy’s class changed that.

Scroll down to find out what that mom said that moved Tricia to tears!

Tricia Klein son birthday

Tricia’s son, Timothy, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism. This diagnosis makes it hard for him to interact with others, especially in large groups. She would have to decline his classmates’ invitations to parties.

Tricia Klein son birthday

But one of the mothers, whose son is friends with Timothy, decided to send Tricia a note, along with the invitation.

Tricia Klein son birthday

The note read: “Carter sat beside Timothy at school and he always talks about him. I really hope he can come. We are renting a bouncy castle that we can attach a small bounce slide at the bottom. We will also have water balloons and water guns. Maybe Timothy can come earlier in the day if it would too much with the whole class. Let me know so we can make it work.”

Tricia Klein son birthday

The note moved Tricia to tears. To her, the final phrase “we can make it work” meant the world!

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