‘RHONJ’ Fans Can’t Stop Talking About This Leaked Reality Disturbing Video Of Louie Ruelas

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice and her fiance, Luis “Louie” Ruelas are taking their relationship to the next level by flaunting their romance on-screen. When the Bravo reality series returns for its twelfth season on Feb. 1, 2022, it’s no surprise that Teresa is once again at center stage. Her fellow cast members wasted no time in discussing Louie and his leaked reality video. When Margaret Josephs tried to explain the video, it just wasn’t enough — we wanted more.

leaked reality

Fans flocked to social media to search for the so-called “disturbing” video. Thankfully we got a hold of it and have put together all you need to know about Louie’s odd beach clip in this article.

Maybe you missed it, but there was a hefty amount of RHONJ off-season drama including Louie’s video from Warrior Camp. When the ladies and their husbands brought up this topic during Season 12 premiere we were utterly confused — what video? The controversial video is from a rough patch in Louie’s past relationship. In the nearly two-minute clip, shirtless men surround him and encourage him to speak his heart out loud.

“I’m coming home to see you, to get engaged and bring our family together and finally get married, and have a life together,” he tells the unidentified woman (presumably his ex-wife). “I love you, and I love our family together. I love our children, and I hope you receive this message well,” Louie said.

“Thank you, I love you … I hope that this hits your heart well and you understand where I’m coming from. I hope to come home to you to have the opportunity to talk to you and share with you my experience with my life. I love you. I’m sorry I made mistakes,” he added.

leaked reality

When it comes to her loved ones, Teresa Giudice is always there for them. Even after Louie’s absurd video became the talk of the night at their pool party during the season 12 premiere episode for Real Housewives Of New Jersey, she shut down all claims that he must address this footage and its subject matter with the group.

“Listen, that’s part of his past, so he doesn’t owe anybody any explanation about anything,” Teresa said. “I think he’s an amazing man. I go by how I and Luis are present and future. I have a past. He has a past. I don’t care, and I want everybody to do the right thing because this is my home. Give me the respect, give him the respect. If not, I’m not going to be good,” she added.

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