Justin Bieber Siblings Are All Very Close to Him

The most stressful event in a person’s life is getting married, even if you are Justin Bieber. The singer and his partner Hailey have postponed numerous times because of the planning process which has made this historic day more difficult than necessary!

The bride and groom have a few last-minute details to work out before the big day. For instance, which family members will be in attendance?

On the bride’s side will sit her famous dad, Stephen Baldwin (of the TV show “The Usual Suspects”), Alec and Gigi Hadid from Instagram fame as well as Bella who is best friends with KUWTK star Kendall Jenner.

The groom’s side of the family is a little more interesting. Justin comes from a blended background with half-siblings and stepbrothers who are all very close to the “Never Say Never” singer. And surely, Justin Bieber siblings will definitely be at his wedding!

justin bieber siblings

Justin Bieber has four siblings — Allie, Jazmyn, Jaxon, and Bay. 

It’s hard to think of Justin Bieber as anything other than a young, successful man with an impressive lineage. His parents were never married and they split just months after his birth.  His dad went on to date his ex-girlfriend in 2007, and the couple was together for seven years.

justin bieber siblings

In that span of time, they welcomed a daughter named Jazmyn and son Jaxon, who you might have seen on the red carpet with his famous older brother.

Following their split, his dad went on to marry Chelsey who is a mom to a 12-year old from the previous relationship and they had daughter Bay Bieber shortly after.

justin bieber siblings

Justin’s relationship with his dad is much better than it used to be. They seem to have resolved their previous conflicts, and now they’re as close friends of each other that you would not even know there was any tension before between them at all! For the past few years, Justin has been spending a lot of time with his siblings.