He Proposed To His Girlfriend After Her Dad Offered To Pay Him To Break Up With Her

My girlfriend and I have been together for over five years now, and I love her very much. She is by far away from the best person I have ever been with, and I have no doubt she feels the same about me. We fit together like Lego bricks. There is no doubt that I want to marry her and have children with her.

Her father seemed like a very nice man; he has always been very supportive of us even if I am not exactly high class. My dad drives a bus; my mom works in a nursing home. Her father is wealthy, and I am the first in my family to even graduate from a university. He has always been generous with us, which sometimes makes me feel ashamed because in a way I want to support my girlfriend with MY money. But I can’t compete, I can’t buy her a new car or take her on trips whenever I want to so I suck it up. I guess it works out ok because it leaves me more money to support my parents if they should ever need it.

A month ago, her father invited us over to dinner. We do this all the time, so it was nothing special. He married a younger woman (41-42 years old maybe? She isn’t that young, but she is stunning) a few years back and is desperately trying to make my girlfriend bond with her. They were in the kitchen and me him sat outside grilling and talking. At first, it was like usual; we talked about work, sports and what not. Then he bluntly asked me why I haven’t married his daughter yet.

I didn’t know what to, so I said I haven’t thought about it. That’s not true, I have thought about it, but it’s not like I have anything set in stone, so I said that instead. He said he knew that she wants to marry me. This conversation was very uncomfortable for me, and he must have taken that as me being uncertain if I wanted to marry her because he then said he could give me money if that would convince me to leave her because I couldn’t support her financially. I was shocked and said, “Are you joking?”.

He was not joking. He said he would give me $100,000 if I promised to leave her. He said she is his only child, and he wants her to be happy, and he thinks she would be the happiest with someone else and that I wouldn’t be able to give her “beautiful, tall and blue-eyed children.” He told me to think about it and not tell my girlfriend, and with that, he ended the conversation.

I’m incredibly hurt that he wants me to leave his daughter… my life would be meaningless without her.

I couldn’t help but be outraged, and so I left without making a scene. I just told my girlfriend I was feeling sick and had to go home.

When my girlfriend next confronted me about it, I told her the truth. She was upset that her father would do such a thing, but she loves me more than she could ever love a materialistic man who cares only about having grandchildren who look like him and cares nothing of his daughter’s own personal happiness. I proposed to her earlier this week, and she said “Yes.” I will definitely be inviting her dad to our wedding.

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