What Happened to the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch (2022)

When a wise man said, “We’re going to need a bigger boat,” it was accurate. Even though the F/V Northwestern is primarily used to catch crabs rather than deadly sharks, it is large enough to do the job. On Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, this boat is the only one that has lasted through all 17 seasons.

Just like in Sex and the City, the boats on Deadliest Catch have developed their own distinct personalities, much like New York City does. This is not a Stephen King/Christine-style scenario. We simply mean that they appear to have made it through each voyage with the same tenacity and grit as the rest of the crew. But what happened to the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch?

What Happened to the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch?

what happened to the northwestern on deadliest catch

Let’s look at this boat’s impressive and lengthy past. Sverre Hansen’s (Sig Hansen’s father) boat suddenly sank in 1977, prompting the Hansen family to build the Northwestern, which they currently operate. To buy the Marco fishing boat, Sverre forked over $1.2 million. According to Sig, “the Marco fishing boats were the most luxurious in the fleet.”

The Hansens are a well-known Norwegian fishing family that has spent generations honing their craft. Their father continued the family tradition in Alaska even though Sig, his brothers Norman and Edgar were born in Seattle. Sverre and his father developed opilio crab fishing in the area. This type of snow crab allowed fishermen to work year-round instead of only during specific seasons.

Since it was built, the F/V Northwestern has undergone two major modifications. More pots could be accommodated by expanding it twice. A unique feature of Northwestern is the absence of a single fatality since Captain Sig took over the helm. However, there is a tinge of sadness in the Hansen clan.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been great in the Hansen family.

Edgar Hansen pleaded guilty to “sexually assaulting a teenage girl” in September 2017 in July 2019, according to USA Today. Snohomish County prosecutors reached a ridiculously lenient plea agreement with Edgar, resulting in a “364-day suspended jail sentence and was ordered to pay court fines and fees of $1,653, as well as undergo sexual-deviancy evaluation and treatment.”

what happened to the northwestern on deadliest catch

Sig admitted to assaulting an Uber driver earlier this year. Fortunately for the eldest Hansen, a favorable agreement was reached once again. “Pay a $43 fine, abstain from drugs and alcohol until June 27, 2019, and not have any contact or come within 500 feet of the Uber driver,” according to court records, according to People Magazine‘s reporting.” He later apologized to the Uber driver for his actions.

Unfortunately, things only get worse from here on out. A 28-year-old estranged daughter of Sig Hansen, Melissa Eckstrom, claimed in 2017 that she remembers her father sexually assaulting her when she was about 2 years old. The case was appealed, but Seattle PI reported in July 2018 that it would proceed.

When Sig and his ex-wife divorced in 1990, Hansen’s ex-wife claimed that Sig had abused their daughter. Melissa claims she has memories of the abuse, but a 1992 trial determined he hadn’t. We don’t know where this case stands right now. The COVID-19 pandemic may have influenced the trial’s start date. You don’t need a larger boat. It appears that the F/V Northwestern is in need of a larger crew.