Why Did Theresa and Larry Caputo Get Divorced? (2022)

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From Long Island Medium, Larry Caputo can prove that marriages can fail when you least expect it. The ultimate vow is the decision to marry and spend the rest of your life with someone. Becoming one with your partner entails supporting them in good and bad times and committing to navigating life together. Unfortunately, marriage does not always last for some people.

Fans of the TLC show probably know that Theresa and Larry were married for many years. And after spending so much time with someone, it’s difficult to accept the end of a marriage. So, what was the reason for Theresa and Larry Caputo’s divorce?

Theresa and Larry Caputo divorced due to communication problems, inability to spend time together, and other issues.

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Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Long Island Medium fans were heartbroken to learn of Theresa and Larry’s divorce. The couple married in 1989, separated in 2017, and divorced in 2018.

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While both parties appeared to be struggling with their separation on the show, fans hoped that the two would reconsider their decision. However, the couple called it quits on their marriage for various reasons.

According to The Sun, Larry attributed their marriage’s demise to communication issues and the couple’s failure to spend enough time together.

“We’re having a hard time,” Larry reportedly told friends on the TLC show. “I think a lot of our frustration stems from the fact that we no longer spend time together.” It’s like losing your best friend because of the lack of communication. It’s complicated.”

In addition, Theresa revealed in an Us Weekly interview in October 2019 that things had changed in their marriage.

Theresa told the publication, “I’m grieving my 30, almost 34 years with Larry.” A grieving process has begun, but things haven’t changed in 34 years. As a result, that’s something I’m going to miss.”

Theresa Caputo’s plans may include marriage.

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Anyone would naturally be nervous about getting married after a failed relationship. So it’s no surprise that Theresa is on the fence about jumping the broom in the future.

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“I never thought of it, and I have to say I don’t know,” Theresa told Us Weekly in 2018 about possibly remarrying. “Right now, I’m afraid I’d have to say no.” I’m happy with where I’m at in my life. I’m incredibly fortunate. Do I want someone with whom I can share companionship and have someone? Absolutely. But I’m not sure about getting married.”

If nothing else has changed in Theresa’s personal life, we suspect the reality star has changed her mind about marriage. Theresa revealed in a 2021 People interview that she met a new man during COVID-19. So it’s safe to say that love and possibly marriage are back in the air.

What about Larry? He reportedly began dating a woman named Connie Talley in 2018, whom he met unusually, but it’s unclear if they’re still together.