After His Kids Get Bruises All Over, Dad Installs Hidden Camera That Reveals Shocking Truth…

Steven Corthorn, of Peskin, Indiana, knew something was wrong with his children, so he decided to set up a camera to learn the truth.

What he found greatly disturbed and upset him!

Corthorn said his children had cuts, missing fingernails, bumps, and bruises. Corthorn would ask his wife and mother of the two kids how they got injured. She often would say she had no idea. With that thought in mind, he installed cameras – without her knowledge – inside their home.

Before Thanksgiving, he got suspicious when she no longer texted him about the kids – how they were and what they were doing. Corthorn said he decided to check the video out. He came home and found that she and the kids were gone.

According to Corthorn, his wife allegedly beat their children. He said he went back through the video of the whole week and he saw what was going on. Corthorn said he was shocked and could not believe what was happening.

After posting the video online, it got the attention of his local police department.

According to Sgt. Jerry Goodin, there’s a line between spanking and beating and, if anybody watches the video, they’ll probably say the mother took things way too far.

Corthorn, who has filed for divorce, is currently trying to attain full custody of the kids after he got them from his wife. He said the kids had fresh bruises on their body – something he noticed when changing them into their night clothes.

Beswick is charged with two counts of battery on a child under 14 years of age.

Corthorn said he often cries because he felt like he let the children down. He said he’s hopeful, given their young age, that they won’t remember any of this and it ends up not affecting them in the long run.


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