What Is Al Pacinos Net Worth This 2021?

Al Pacino’s portrayal of Tony Montana in 1983’s Scarface made him one of the most iconic criminals ever to be on screen. The actor, Pacino was not a violent drug lord but he too climbed his way from humble beginnings. He’s one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, and he continues to take on interesting roles. This fall you can see him as Aldo Gucci alongside Lady Gaga for Ridley Scott’s House Of Gucci.

Al Pacinos Net Worth

Let’s find out Al Pacinos net worth and learn about the biggest roles that contributed to his success.

Pacino, 81, was born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx, New York. Though he was only two years old when his father left, his loss of him has affected Pacino throughout his adulthood. “The conclusion of my teachers was that I needed a dad. I wasn’t an out-of-control teenager, but I was close,” he told the Guardian in 2015.

Al Pacinos Net Worth

Despite the financial struggles, Pacino saw a silver lining in his upbringing. He was primarily raised by his mother Rose and grandparents Kate and James Gerardi. The actor said in a 2018 Interview article, “We were very poor, but I was very lucky because when things got hot, I got out of there. I went to the streets and had adventures.”

Pacino left his home in the Bronx at a very young age to pursue acting. He enrolled himself into The High School of Performing Arts. His mother disapproved of the decision, but he persisted. He worked odd jobs and slept in theaters while getting his career off the ground.

Al Pacinos Net Worth

One of Pacino’s earliest stage roles paid only $125 per week according to Men’s Health. “It’s never been about money for me. There were times when I was young when I could have used money: after college, I was often unemployed and at one time I slept in a storefront for a few days. But I’ve never been materialistic,” he explained to the Guardian.

Al Pacino’s acting breakthrough part as Michael Corleone in The Godfather is said to have paid him $35,000. This was the equivalent of striking gold for most actors at that time. For appearing in The Godfather II, he probably never could have imagined that he’d earn $500,000.

Al Pacinos Net Worth

Pacino reportedly demanded $7 million when the time had come to film The Godfather III. But director Francis Ford Coppola rejected the request. When he threatened to re-write his script, Pacino settled for a $5 million payday instead. In the 1990s, he was a hot commodity. He would command $1.5 million for films like Glengarry Glen Ross and $6 million for Carlito’s Way. Pacino’s successes have only increased with time. He starred in three HBO films that paid him $10 million each: You Don’t Know Jack, Phil Spector, and Paterno.

Al Pacino’s Net Worth

Al Pacinos Net Worth

As of 2021, Al Pacino has an estimated net worth of $120 million.

Pacino’s dedication to the craft is not limited to acting. He also demonstrates this through related work. As the co-president of Actors Studio, he has set out to bring about an environment that emphasizes artistry and creativity. He claims that his work is more important than any paycheck it may generate him. “My grandfather, James Gerardi, taught me about work. He was a plasterer and work–any kind of work–was the joy of his life. So I grew up wanting to– it’s what I’ve always chased. The joy of work is what keeps me going,” Pacino told the Guardian.

Pacino says that although money isn’t his top priority, he does spend it. He leases properties all over the place including a New York City pad and an expensive Beverly Hills mansion.

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