She Was Pulled Over By The Cops Because Of What They Saw On Her Tires


Officers in the Truckee division of the California Highway Patrol pulled over a driver after they caught a glimpse of what was on her tires.  The driver recently found a novel new approach to tackle driving in snowy conditions. When highway patrol caught a glimpse of his method, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

The driver was using an odd type of zip-tie rather than conventional tire chains to gain traction in the snow.

snow tires chains1

The police had never seen the ties before.  They’re actually a new product called ZipGripGo, which are the result of 2015 Kickstarter campaign. They promise to provide tire traction in the mud, snow, and other tricky terrains at about a tenth of the cost of tire chains!

snow tires chains2

The Truckee police warned against using these ties instead of conventional tire chains because they haven’t been approved for use in all types of terrains and weather conditions.  They’re definitely a good temporary substitute and may change the way we drive in the snow for good!

snow tires chains3

The zip ties are definitely a cool option for winter driving, but be sure to check your local laws regarding approved tire traction devices before using them.

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