Meet Natalie Alyn Lind’s Celebrity Boyfriend

Fans are thrilled to find out more about Natalie Alyn Lind ever since she was announced to be joining ABC’s police procedural drama Big Sky in March 2020. It sounds like we’ll be seeing lots of our favorite things from her time on screen.

Natalie has been able to land a number of roles over the years like iZombie, Tell Me a Story, and The Goldbergs, but she’s hardly ever discussed her love life in interviews. So does this mean that Natalie is single?

natalie alyn lind

Natalie Alyn Lind Is In A Relationship.

Natalie has been a busy actress this past year, landing new roles on Big Sky and Don’t Look There. In the show “Big Sky” she plays Danielle Sullivan who gets kidnapped when their car breaks down during their journey from New York to Montana. A captivating, suspenseful police procedural series juxtaposes different narratives of how a group of detectives sets out to track down the young women who are being held captive. The show shows that they must come up with ways in order find an escape and flee from their captor.

natalie alyn lind

Natalie’s busy schedule is no excuse for not being able to find love. The actress has been in a committed relationship with fellow actor Jordan Christian Hearn for quite some time now and they appear very happy together.

natalie alyn lind

Natalie’s Instagram account is like a rare glimpse into her latest adventures. Some examples include playing with baby goats at a farm or attending bow-making workshops, though Natalie does use this social media platform for more than just promoting work projects and sharing moments from life — such as selfies taken with boyfriend Jordan in them occasionally too.


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Jordan can relate to Natalie’s busy schedule as he himself is pretty occupied. From his first role in a short movie, The Security Guards, he quickly crossed into bigger projects like Inherent Vice, All About Nina, and Pink Skies Ahead. Jordan booked four new projects in just 2020 alone. The projects include Futra Days, a sci-fi movie by Ryan David; a crime-drama shedding new light on Nicole and O. J. Simpson’s tragic relationship, titled Nicole and O.J. He is also set to appear in Mosquito, a drama directed by Guy Malim; and Auspicious, a short film by Grant Slater.

natalie alyn lind

In the past, Natalie was linked to Badlands actor Aramis Knight. She only dated him for a short time and they broke up just months later when she was just 15 years old.

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