14 Unusually Brilliant Ways You Can Use Conditioner Besides On Your Hair

Did you know that hair conditioner can be used around the house in a variety of ways?

Check out these household uses for conditioner.

Shaving Cream

No shaving cream? You can use conditioner to keep your legs smooth and safe from nicks.

uses for conditioner

Loosen Stuck Zippers

Stubborn zipper? Just rub a little bit of conditioner on it to help it slide.

uses for conditioner

Put An End to Squeaks

Conditioner works well to put an end to squeaky hinges.

uses for conditioner

Remove a Bandage

Try using conditioner to remove your bandages without and pain. Just rub the edges of your bandage with a generous amount of conditioner.

uses for conditioner

DIY Dry Clean Your Delicates

Try filling a sink with room temperature water and add a tablespoon of conditioner. Simply submerge your delicates for a few minutes, rinse, and hang to dry.

uses for conditioner

Remove Your Stuck Ring

If you can’t get a ring off, rub some conditioner at the base of your finger below the ring and at the top of your ring. Try to get some underneath it and turn the ring around in circles and upward to get it off.

uses for conditioner

Shine Stainless Steel

Your stainless steel appliances will shine by putting a little bit of conditioner on a cloth.

uses for conditioner