14 Unusually Brilliant Ways You Can Use Conditioner Besides On Your Hair

Moisturize Your Bath

Drop a quarter size amount of conditioner into your bathwater to help your skin retain moisture.

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Unclog a Drain

Try pouring a little conditioner down your drain and running hot water so it loosens and removes the clog.

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Prevent Rust

Try rubbing a thin layer of conditioner on your household tools, faucets, or anything that is prone to rust can keep them from getting rusty.

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Unshrink Clothing

This doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely worth a try. Dissolve a tablespoon of conditioner in warm water and submerge your shrunken item into the water so it’s fully soaked and softened. Try to gently stretch the item back to its original size.

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DIY Dryer Sheet

Put a dampened washcloth with some conditioner on it and toss it into the dryer with your laundry to soften your clothing.

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Fabric Freshener Spray

Try keeping your clothes smelling great after you’ve worn them by making a DIY fabric freshener spray with one part conditioner to nine parts of water.

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Cuticle Cream

Rub some conditioner on your cuticles to soften them before you cut or push them back.

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