Sandra Bullock Joins Tom Hanks On Giant Piano Mat To Show Off Their Unusual Talent…

Hollywood A-listers Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show to promote their 2013 movies Captain Phillips and Gravity.

tom hanks giant piano mat

Ross invited Hanks and Bullock to play “Chopsticks” from his famous movie, Big. They would not be using conventional instruments for this performance; they were asked to bounce on a giant piano mat. They bounced from one key to another, stomping their feet to create the music.

tom hanks giant piano mat

Despite the many years that had passed since the release of the fantasy comedy film, Hanks proved he still knows how to play “Chopsticks” using his feet. Alongside Bullock who was in her spiky Louboutin heels, they were able to perform the song flawlessly.

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