Her Teacher Helps Her Fix Her Wardrobe Malfunction

This girl was surprised when the teacher made sure everyone could hear what she had to say about her bra strap accidentally hanging out her shirt sleeves. But then this happened.

Most Kids these days are pretty liberal about how they dress. Showing a bit of skin, especially when it isn’t “sexy” or “titillating” isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s really not the 1950s and nobody really cares, and we sure as heck aren’t living in Saudi Arabia.

One time in high school a teacher saw my bra strap slip out of my shirt sleeve (because I have no shoulders) and she told me in front of the class that if I didn’t fix it permanently so that she and the boys couldn’t see it she would send me home for the day.

So I reached up my shirt and unclasped my bra and removed it and shoved it in my gym bag. All the boys just stared at me and nodded slowly and went back to reading, and the teacher was horrified. “You can’t do that! Put it back!” But you said you didn’t want to see it. Now you can’t see it.” She didn’t write me up, and it never came up again.

My favorite part was that the boys didn’t even care, the teacher was the one freaking out.

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