Boston Red Sox’s Jersey Changed From Red To Yellow – Here’s Why

The Boston Red Sox are switching up their classic look for the upcoming MLB season. The team has revealed that they will be wearing yellow and blue on select occasions, but why?

red sox jersey

Here’s why: The team’s new uniforms are the perfect way to show off their hometown. The yellow and blue colors represent Boston, Massachusetts in honor of this inaugural Nike City Connect uniform series.

red sox jersey

The Red Sox unveiled their new uniforms and by player request, they’ve been wearing them during the weekend’s games. The team will play against Baltimore Orioles. In the new uniform, the team has swapped out their red, navy blue, and white color scheme for yellow jerseys with a cyan logo, white pants, cyan caps, and yellow shoes.

According to, the Boston Red Sox Jersey switch-up was a tribute to Patriots’ Day (Massachusetts state holiday commemorating the first battles of the Revolutionary War) and also for the Boston Marathon (an annual tradition that takes place on the same day).

red sox jersey

The Boston Red Sox new color scheme for this season matches the official marathon colors. And in its release, they said “The new uniform adopts a design that pays homage on Patriots Day weekend and features ‘Boston’ written across the chest.

The other Boston-centric design features are the number “617” which is highlighted on the left sleeve as a nod to Boston’s area code and Fenway Park.

red sox jersey

The team’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Adam Grossman said, “We viewed the City Connect collaboration with Nike as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of a weekend that is uniquely Boston. The departure from our traditional style pays homage to that iconic weekend, and recognizes Boston’s boldness, culture, and creativity.”

red sox jersey

The Boston Red Sox has been the first MLB team to introduce their new Nike City Connect designs out of seven MLB teams. Nike introduced the seven designs of the 2021 Nike MLB City Connect Series in April, which will be worn league-wide in future baseball seasons.

red sox jersey

The Los Angeles Dodgers are celebrating the link between their distinct culture and sport with a blue jersey for this inaugural series. The logo reads “Los Dodgers” in reference to fans’ chant of “Viva Los Dodgers”.

The San Francisco Giants went with a white jersey, featuring Golden Gate Bridge on the sleeve.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have adopted a new jersey that is inspired by the Sonoran Desert’s climate and terrain, with an interesting logo that says “Serpientes.”

The Chicago Cubs chose a navy jersey, with the patch on its sleeve paying homage to its city’s flag and municipal device.

The Chicago White Sox opted for a dark gray jersey color scheme honoring the city’s greystone architectural style. It pays tribute to the attitude of Chicago’s South Side,” with “Southside” as the logo.

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