Girl Suing Drake After Putting Hot Sauce in a Condom

Being wealthy and famous comes with its own set of challenges when it comes time to form intimate connections with others. In the event that a prenuptial agreement is not signed, getting married, for example, might have an array of financial ramifications. If you have children with another person, you’ll have to deal with a lot of child support payments. For this reason, an Instagram model is suing Drake because of this.

Reports say an Instagram model is suing Drake.

girl suing drake

Drake and an Instagram model are said to have begun DMing each other on the social media network. A party brought them together, and they returned to Drizzy’s hotel room for the night. The rapper made it very clear that he wanted to make sure their meeting was consensual.

A condom was placed on Drake before they had sex and then, once they were done, the “Hotline Bling” musician disposed of it in the restroom. We’re now at the point when things start to go a little out there. Following Drake’s performance, the model allegedly went to the restroom and emptied the contents of a condom into her genitals.

Drake rushed into the bathroom to investigate her screams as she felt a searing feeling and began to scream. Afterward, he explained to the model that, if the model wanted to become pregnant with him, he’d put hot sauce out of a package inside the rubber.

The girl suing Drake for “booby-trapping” the condom even uploaded photographs of her inflamed genitalia on Twitter as evidence, according to MTO News.

To begin, it should be noted that this is almost certainly only a rumor. On the “Tabasco debacle,” Drake has not spoken.


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To begin with, there isn’t any evidence to support the claim that spicy sauce may harm sperm. Why didn’t Drake simply wash the condom with soap and water if he was so anxious about a sexual partner becoming pregnant from it?

According to the allegation, the Certified Loverboy rapper is always on the watch for those who could try to steal his seed.

According to the tale, Drake may have placed hot sauce in the condom to test if the lady in question would attempt to become pregnant when he was not looking.

It doesn’t really matter whether the story is accurate or not; Twitter has had a field day with it. There are a lot of memes out there claiming that Drake was aware of this and did it on purpose. A lot of people are just pondering the ridiculousness of the situation.

What are your thoughts?  Did Drizzy put the sauce in the rubber?