How Old Is Princess Peach And The Rest Of Super Mario Characters

To honor the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo is hosting an event to commemorate all its reign on consoles. The first Super Mario Bros. game was released in 1985, and it has been a huge success ever since.

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The Mario franchise has been one of the most successful and well-known series for video games, spanning across generations. From the original Game Boy saw to Nintendo Switch.

One of the questions that come to mind when you hear about a video game series is how old its characters are. Despite being as old as they come, these characters never seem to age. Have you ever wondered how old Mario and Luigi are? What about Princess Peach or Daisy?

Princess Peach is one of the most memorable heroines in video game history, with more appearances than any other female character. Her 60 titles prove she rocks. She first appeared in Super Mario Bros. as 25-years-old, but now it’s estimated that she is around 25-years old.

princess peach

Princess Peach has been in many games, but she’s only ever had one game where she was the protagonist. Princess Peach has always been the damsel in distress in Super Princess Peach, released for the Nintendo DS in 2005, her character has to save Mario, Luigi, and the Toads from Bowser using her new friend Perry and her emotions.

Princess Daisy of Sarasaland is the cousin to Princess Peach. She first appeared in Super Mario Land for Nintendo’s Game Boy 1989. She’s estimated to be around the same age as Princess Peach, though her exact years are never mentioned. It’s likely that she is somewhere between 19 and early 20s.

princess peach

The Mario brothers are at the center of almost every game in their franchise. While Luigi often gets to be player-two, they are actually really fraternal brothers. The first time players met Luigi was in Mario Bros. was in 1983 Game & Watch title Mario Bros. There was a time when people could not pick Luigi as their primary character in the game until Super Mario Bros 2, which came out in 1988.

princess peach

Even though the franchise is being almost 40, The Mario brothers believed to be in the late 20s.

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