Who Are The Aiel People On The Wheel Of Time Series?

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Who are the Aiel? There have been several mentions of this group in Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel Of Time series, but who they actually are made fans confused. The series The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy based on a set of best-selling novels by author Robert Jordan.

aiel wheel of time

The Wheel of Time has been compared to much other well-known fantasy series. But, avoid writing The Wheel of Time as a Game of Thrones knock-off. The series has a rich and diverse world with many interesting characters. The main plot of The Wheel Of Time centers around a search for the Dragon Reborn, who can save or destroy the world.

The Aiel are an interesting race of people who live in the desert land called “Aiel Waste. The Aiels are a race of warriors who lives by a strict code of honor and duty.

aiel wheel of time

One might ask, why the Aiel was murdered|? The Wheel of Time Fandom page reports that beings to the west are extremely prejudiced against Aiel and will kill them immediately if they happened to see one. Unfortunately, the Aiels are quite easy to spot. They have a distinctive appearance that sets them apart from other people. The Aiels are a commonly tall race with pale eyes and light-colored hair. They also wear veils to hide their face.

The Fandom page for A Wheel of Time says that Robert Jordan based the Aiel people on multiple real-life cultures. Some of them include Apache, Bedouin, Zulu, and Japanese cultures. Robert also wanted to create a race of beings that dwelled in the desert with traits similar to those found among Irish people, such as pale skin and red hair.

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