Is Wonder Woman Bulletproof? Fans Want To Know 2022

Wonder Woman is back in action and we cannot contain our excitement! The trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 has left us with nothing but preparation, prayers & potions on repeat. In regards to this, a lot of people may still be wondering, “is wonder woman bulletproof”?

is wonder woman bulletproof

If Diana was discovered to be a demigod, you might be questioning the same thing we are: why the bracelets in the first place? Her physique resisted incredible amounts of strength while she battled Ares. Why is it necessary to block bullets? A human weapon couldn’t possibly harm her, right? So, is Wonder Woman actually impervious to harm? Let’s examine the question’s convoluted past before moving on to her real shortcomings.

Is Wonder Woman Bulletproof? It Depends on the Situation

DC Comics’ Wonder Woman made her debut in 1941. Like many superheroes before her, she has existed across different comic book lines with one storyline’s canon not necessarily existing in another hero’s adventures: but that doesn’t mean she’s any less powerful! Historically speaking though, creator William Moulton Marston saw his character as being stronger than Superman because at least she stood for something: peace.

Wonder Woman was a symbol of peace, in contrast to Superman, who is seen as the protector of a planet other than his own. She and her sisters served as representatives of a movement opposed to the “masculine” idea that using aggressiveness to settle international disputes was the only option. Despite this, she was strong enough to forego using her special abilities.

Whether she is bulletproof or not is not known with certainty in the early years, although it is assumed that she is. Justice League #42, on the other hand, provided a quite different response. One of the bullets that is fired at Superman and Wonder Woman ricochets off of him and wounds her in the throat. This version of the hero is definitely not invincible to attack.

In Wonder Woman 1984, is Wonder Woman Bulletproof?

It appears that the answer is most likely not. Early on in Wonder Woman, Antiope defends Diana and gives her life in the combat scene in Themyscira. But if the bullet had actually struck Diana, would she have died?

is wonder woman bulletproof

In reality, it did at least graze her. Her flesh is sliced by the bullet, which also leaves a bloody trail. Later, Diana discovers that her skin has recovered thanks to Wonder Woman’s improved healing abilities. But if she had been resistant to bullets, her skin would never have been cut to begin with.

Is That Why She is Wearing Bracelets Then?

Unbelievably, Diana’s bracelets are both one of her best attributes and one of her worst flaws. We witness her deflecting bullets with those bracelets because they are essential to her existence since she is not bulletproof. However, the bracelets haven’t actually served that purpose throughout the history of the hero’s comic books.

is wonder woman bulletproof

When Wonder Woman’s bracelets, which Aphrodite made all Amazons wear at the beginning of their existence, are welded together while she is being held prisoner, she experiences a power loss. She discovers that it is “Aphrodite’s law” that “when an Amazon girl permits a man to tie her bracelets of submission together she becomes weak as other women in a man-ruled world.” Men are only able to seize her through the welding of the bracelets. She stays supremely strong if a woman is the one who binds her.

Wonder Woman’s bracelets have been a powerful tool for the non-bulletproof hero in her latest film, but we’ll have to wait until Wonder Women 1984 comes out on June 5th 2020 before seeing if they’re explored any more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Wonder Woman bulletproof or not?

Remember that Wonder Woman was neither bulletproof nor invulnerable when she was created for the bracers to make sense. She may be hurt by arrows or bullets that concentrated a lot of energy on a penetrating point, despite her abilities and resistance to injury from things like explosions.

Q. Can Wonder Woman take bullets?

Anyone who is familiar with Wonder Woman is aware that one of her trademark maneuvers is using her incredible Bracelets of Submission to deflect bullets. They are incredibly cool since they can withstand impacts from falls, gunfire, and other things while being unbreakable.

Q. Why is Wonder Woman vulnerable to bullets?

Diana is told to “catch the bullets on her bracelet – or else expect to be hurt” in her first appearance in All-Star Comics #8. Wonder Woman was designed by William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter to be susceptible to penetrating weaponry, such as bullets.

Q. Is Wonder Woman immortal?

Wonder Woman is immortal but not invulnerable, which is the most general rule that can be applied to her. She is therefore resistant to a violent death but not to a natural one. Wonder Woman has been eternal in other timelines, but only on the island of Themyscira.