Grandma’s Hilarious Words Of Wisdom For Grandson

This man excitedly told his grandmother that he still loved his ex. But she comes back at him with some, ahem, nuggets of wisdom.

A few months ago I broke up with my girlfriend because she cheated on me multiple times. Yesterday she called me and asked me if we could meet. I said yes.

We had an awesome time together. I realized I still loved her and missed her.

I got home and told my grandmother about it (she is my best friend).

She told me the wisest thing I’ve ever heard:

– Oh honey, remember you broke up with her for a reason!

– Yeah, I know, but I still love her.

– Don’t you dare too fall for the old “cold shit syndrome”!

– Uhmm…what is that?

– You see….

– The cold shit syndrome goes like this:

– When your poop is still warm, you know it’s poop, therefore you wouldn’t even get near it. On the other side, if the poop gets cold and hard, many people could think it’s chocolate. Then they’ll try a bit and remember it’s been poop all along.

She cheated on you. She is poop. Not chocolate. Just remember that.

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