How Ice-T Kids Motivate Him To Be Healthy And Fit

Work-life balance is a myth for many parents, but Grammy winner Ice-T makes it appear simple. In Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he plays Sergeant Fin Tutuola, although his most significant job is “Dad.”

ice t kids

Ice-T considers himself a loving father and husband, despite his tough-guy on-screen demeanor. He and his wife, Coco Austin, tied the knot in 2005, but it took another decade before they had a child together. Ice-T, on the other hand, is no stranger to fatherhood.

Ice-T opened up about parenting and his desire to keep a healthy heart and diet in an exclusive interview. Ice-T teamed up with Cheerios for their “Pour Your Heart Into It” campaign.

Ice-T claims that his daughter is underwhelmed by her father’s celebrity status.

ice t kids

Ice-T has been a regular on Law & Order for decades, but he has also been a father for even longer. Ice-T is the father of 6-year-old Chanel Nicole Marrow, who debuted on the scene in 2015 and stole the show, alongside 44-year-old Letesha and 29-year-old Tracy Jr. The preschooler is not only attractive, but she also has her father’s appearance.

She also acts like him, according to Ice-T.

The Law & Order: SVU star recently collaborated with Cheerios on the “Pour Your Heart Into It” exercise series. Chanel, on the other hand, was dissatisfied.

For some, seeing their father on the front of a cereal box is thrilling, but the rapper’s children have grown accustomed to it. “All cereal is a hit with my daughter.” “She often says, ‘I want cereal,'” he added, adding, “But she has no idea how great that is.”

“She’s become accustomed to seeing daddy appear in unexpected places, you know?” So I believe she thought to herself, ‘OK, you’re on TV.’ ‘All right.’ If I was in a TikTok or anything, she’d be much more enthralled. Ice-T laughed as he added, “Her world is a little different than mine.”
ice t kids

Ice-T claims that his children encourage him to eat a heart-healthy diet.

Ice-T learned the value of remaining healthy after years of chasing down bad guys. However, he came to a fork in the road after welcoming Chanel. Ice-T elaborated, “When my daughter was born.” “When Coco gave birth, the first thought that sprang to mind was, ‘You can’t die.'”

That’s why the 64-year-old entertainer’s current collaboration with Cheerios is so poignant. “I mean, think about the people who love you if you don’t think about yourself,” he said.

ice t kids

The actor claimed that he leads a very active lifestyle and encourages everyone, particularly males, to begin taking care of themselves and have their health “checked out” by a doctor. “Before it’s too late,” he said.

Ice-T encourages Americans to take responsibility for their heart health with his “Pour Your Heart Into It” fitness series on Pandora. Scanning the QR code on the back of the limited-edition joyful heart shape Cheerios boxes with your smartphone will unlock 4-minute walking, stretching, core strengthening, and dance routines.

Ice-T can be seen every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC in new episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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