6 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck

Seeing your first signs of aging in the mirror may be a shock. It seems like it happens overnight: you wake up, yawn, stretch, and lumber over to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You look up into the mirror mid-brush and see the skin on your neck that appears to be sagging or loose where it never was before. After all these years!

“Turkey neck” is the unflattering term used to describe extra skin on your face. It can be caused by a combination of environmental factors and genetics, but regardless of how it got there — it’s not flattering! If you feel like your turkey neck might have something to do with these surprising habits that cause aging—avoid them at all costs! Keeping up healthy skin isn’t just about what we put into our bodies; wasting time washing too much or applying makeup incorrectly are also things that lead to poor complexion as well.

There’s good news. Despite what you may think, no one has to accept their aging skin and wrinkles without doing anything about it — in fact, there are quick exercises you can do at home that will tighten neck skin!

Want to get rid of turkey neck without surgery? Then keep reading for some helpful tips.

turkey neck home remedies

What Is Turkey Neck?

The slang term “turkey neck” refers to loose, wrinkly, or sagging skin around the neck area. This is called a turkey neck because it can resemble those red wattles that hang down from underneath a turkey’s thin and delicate neck.

There are several physical differences between a double chin and a turkey neck, which can help you tell them apart. A double chin is the result of excess fat deposits around your face that cause an additional bulge to form under or next to your jawline. Turkey necks happen when skin loosens over time so much that it starts dropping down along the front of someone’s throat like how a turkey’s wattle hangs in comparison with its head; this crepe-like texture occurs because as we age our collagen levels decrease causing us to lose elasticity, thus allowing jowls (lax muscles) to sag more easily.

turkey neck home remedies

What Causes Turkey Neck?

Aging skin can cause turkey neck. WebMD claims that as we age, our skin loses elasticity and has a harder time “snapping back” as younger skin does. Factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and smoking may also contribute to the early aging of the face

Muscle tone is another factor that we can easily take action on. Our skin relies on muscles, which weaken with age and lack of use. This actually good news because exercises to strengthen muscles increase circulation reduce the effects of aging!

Here are some proven exercises to tighten and strengthen the muscles in your neck.

Exercise 1: The “Gulping Fish”

turkey neck home remedies

1. Face up at the ceiling.

2. Place your hand at your collarbone and gently apply downward pressure.

3. Extend out your lower jaw and lip toward the ceiling. Do you feel the slight pull down and across your neck? This is the sensation that you want.

4. Extend your jaw out five times, each time feeling the tightening down and across your neck.

5. Switch hands and do the action five more times.

6. Repeat three to five times a week. This will firm up the skin around your neck, minimize or eliminate wrinkles, and prevent cording.

Exercise 2: Neck Lift

turkey neck home remedies

1. Lie on your back, and gently raise your head and neck, and slightly off the ground.

2. Slowly turn your head to the right, then left before facing forward again and lowering your head back to the ground.

3. Repeat the movement as many times as you can while maintaining good control. You don’t want to jerk your head and neck, so keep it small and controlled.

4. If you feel any pain stop immediately.

5. Some activities that can strengthen and tone your neck include doing yoga, Pilates, or even just a simple exercise like lying on the floor with a book balanced across you head.

Exercise 3: The Gum Chew

turkey neck home remedies

1. With your mouth and lips closed, tilt your head back and towards the ceiling.

2. While keeping your lips shut and teeth apart, bring them back together again slowly as if you were chewing a big wad of gum.

3. Slowly “chew” this way 20 times.

3. By repeating three to five times a week, you can tighten the skin around your neck and reduce that turkey look.

Exercise 4: Forehead Push

turkey neck home remedies

1. Place one hand on your forehead.

2. Lean your head against your hand without allowing it to move forward.

3. Hold the forward momentum and tension for a slow count of 10.

4. Reverse the motion by putting your hands behind your head and pushing backward for a slow count of 10.

5. Repeat three to five times a week for improved neck tone and strength.

Exercise 5: Smooch

turkey neck home remedies

1. Sit up straight and lift your head toward the ceiling.

2. Face towards the ceiling and purse your lips.

3. Blow 20 kisses towards your ceiling fan or chandelier.

4. Repeat three to five times a week to tighten your neck skin.

Exercise 6: Neck Lift

turkey neck home remedies

1. Lie face down on your bed with your head hanging off the edge and relax all of your body.

2. Slowly lift up your head using only the muscles in your neck, so that you are parallel to the floor.

3. Repeat five times, and stop immediately if you feel any pain.

4. This movement should be small and controlled. You shouldn’t jerk or twist your neck in any way.

5. Repeat three to five times a week to tighten neck muscles and reduce the effects of aging on your neck.

turkey neck home remedies

How To Avoid Turkey Neck

If your mom or grandma has a turkey neck, there is a good chance you will get it too. However, maintaining strong muscles can help prevent this from happening to you as well.

Another simple way to get rid of turkey neck is applying moisturizer on your face and neck daily, according to Health.com and Selfcare.com. Always practice good sun protection with a lotion or moisturizer containing SPF in it when outdoors for an extended period of time, as well as avoiding tanning beds!

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