A Tiktok Video Revealing How Five Guys Fries Are Actually Made Shocked Millions

With the rise of internet whistle-blowers, it seems like the Five Guys fast-food chain is not safe from being exposed to the public. The secrets behind making their delectable french fries of your favorite fast-food order have been revealed.

five guys fries

How are Five Guys fries made?

In a world where frozen foods and preservatives are dominating, Five Guys remains as one of the few remaining bastions for freshly-prepared cuisine including their french fries.

The Five Guys employee,@maezthegreat, posted a series of videos on TikTok showing the behind scenes with what they do to make fries every day. The video starts off with the employee showing a bunch of real potatoes. They explained how they wash and clean them. Then they share that they bring these washed potatoes to an industrial slicer and put whole ones in there for processing. The whole potato is cut into strips, which are then placed in a power washer to help remove excess starch. After that, the slices are placed in a plastic bucket filled with water.

@maezthegreat @Five guys #fyp ♬ original sound – Maez

The next video takes us on a journey to see how our favorite French fry gets cooked. After chopped and prepped, a handful of the slices are placed in a peanut oil-filled fryer for an impressive final product.

@maezthegreat @Five guys #fyp #food ♬ original sound – Maez

They then pull the freshly-cooked fries out and remove any excess grease. “This is what your final product should look like,” they explain while shaking them 15 times to get rid of those last few drops of oil. The fries are then covered with a generous amount of salt and ready to be served.

@maezthegreat @Five guys #fyp #food ♬ original sound – Maez

The video has 22 Million views at the time of writing and lots of comments from Five Guy’s fans who stand by the brand’s commitment to fresh food.

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