Find Out How Your Favorite Type Of French Fry Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

You might be as agreeable as they come, but one thing is for sure: you have an opinion on French fries. Crispy, crunchy, waffle, curly, spicy or┬ácheesy…everyone has a favorite. What does your French fry of choice say about you? Read on to find out.

1. Classic cut.

You are a purist and you know what you like. You’ve got a great sense of loyalty and probably just a little tendency for nostalgia. You don’t mind the oldies station now and then and you keep some old childhood photos around your desk.
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french fry reveals personality 1

2. Curly fries.

You like to nurture your wild side. You never get too crazy, but you’ll be the first to dare a friend to go up for karaoke, do the limbo or jump into the pool. You are a master of work and family events.
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french fry reveals personality 2

3. Tater tots.

You have impressive taste in art and music, but sometimes you’ve got to lighten up. Dare yourself to try enjoying something the critics have ignored. You’ll still be the hippest opinion in your group of friends, promise.
Try a lunch date with: sweet potato fries.

french fry reveals personality 3

4. Sweet potato fries.

You have a soaring imagination and consider wild combinations readily and easily. You do best when you switch up your location. Ideas come easily and quickly to you.
Try a lunch date with: classic fries.

french fry reveals personality 4

5. Avocado fries.

You have great ideas and intentions, but sometimes you can get in your own way. Your love for adventure and newness is awesome, but being a part of a team will help keep you a little more on track.
Try a lunch date with: curly fries.

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