Racist Neighbor Complains About Sharing His Satellite Dish

I work for a big satellite tv company, doing residential installs for satellite tv. Several months ago I did an install at a duplex in a small town for a nice Filipino Lady (who I’ll now call ‘FL’). She told me how happy she was to be in Canada and how her husband had worked for several years to bring her and their family (4 young children) into the country. These things made me happy and eager to help her. I proceed with my install.

Problem: On the side of the building, there is already a dish mounted, and the landlords will not permit me to mount an additional dish. However I can use the existing dish as it is the same brand and there are free ports on it.

So I run my cable and hook up her receiver to the existing dish, which belongs to her neighbor, Racist Bugger. Who from here on shall be known as RB.

Everything works out well and when I leave the whole family is crowded around the television changing the channels excitedly. I leave with a smile on my face.

About 45 minutes after I leave I get a phone call on my work cell.

FL (crying): Someone cut our cable! Please come back and fix it!

Me: Sure, no problem. (shortened, obviously)

I get back to her house and the brand new cable I had just ran is cut clean in the middle and is lying loose. I ask FL if she had cut it and she had no idea what had happened.

So I decided to inquire with her neighbor.

Me: Hello, do you know anything about this cable?

RB: WHY IS THAT HOOKED UP TO MY SATELLITE! THAT (racial expletive) CAN’T DO THAT! (rude words and angriness ensues)

Me: Okay, but … (explains situation) there can be only one dish.

RB: TOO BAD! SHE CAN’T USE MINE! (more racial expletives) …

But you get the drift.

Me: Okay.

RB goes inside his house so I calmly walk over to the dish, remove his cables and the entire assembly. I then mount her dish in the exact same spot and cut his cables just to short to reach.

At this point RB comes out and starts raging at me to hook his tv back up. So I calmly explain to him that I got permission from the Landlord to supply FL with the service, and as that is the only dish that they will allow, he will have to ask FL if she will let him use her dish.

I smile and leave.

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