Can We Still Hope For Mangago Website’s Comeback Or Will It Stay Banned Forever?

There’s an old idea that piracy is something new, but it actually isn’t – people have been copying stuff for personal use and side hustles since the beginning of time. PC games were easily copied onto floppy discs; record companies used to bootleg vinyl records with acetate copies. So this battle against piracy has existed for decades, like what happened with Mangago.

What happened to the Mangago website?

Do you like reading manga but can’t afford to buy all the new editions? Then, is an illegal site where people upload scans or screenshots of manga for free without paying anything!

Manga production companies and artists are not thrilled about the site.


It was only a matter of time before some people with vested business interests worked to shut down the site. received several cease and desist letters that ultimately led to its shut down after it became known enough, despite being run by an individual for free rather than companies looking for profit margins through licensing fees.

Mangago is currently down but not permanent.

This has happened before with the Mangago website and it was quickly fixed by admins. And it probably won’t be the first or last time that this happens either. Although there were many people who threw their arms up in frustration due to the site closure, it is difficult to complain. People shouldn’t complain, It’s not like you’re paying for the service at all. Once an illegal sharing service gets too big, it usually get shut down. This is what happened to Admitme.TV.

Why you’re doing this to me in 2020? No social life, no money, and now not even mangago? Ima about to kill me for real

— Cupidoo (@Cupidoo12) October 7, 2020

If you’re interested in manga but don’t have much to spend, Lezhin is a great option. The webtoon portal founded by a South Korean blogger allows people to pay per chapter and forgo buying books or full issues entirely.


— ⤻ (@chuuuyacore) October 7, 2020

Lezhin is great because artists are getting paid for their work, which means everybody wins. Except those who can’t afford to buy manga or don’t feel right about reading it for free.

i know this isn’t the reason mangago is down but I-

— tonii (@shotodekuu) October 7, 2020

If you are a user concerned about the site’s recent shutdown, it might be wise to download your favorite manga now before they too disappear from the web. Although this piracy-based website has reopened many times since the beginning, users should always prepare for possible future downtime because after all, these sites don’t stay up forever due to their illegal nature and dependence on pirated content not available legally elsewhere online or offline; eventually, even if things do go back online again there is no guarantee that will remain so indefinitely.

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