Can Dogs Eat Celery? – Learn The Do’s And Don’ts Before Feeding Them

Celery is one of those vegetables that has a bad reputation, but for absolutely no reason. It’s always available in your local grocery store; its quality tends to be consistent and refreshing with the classic game-day hot wings, carrot sticks, and bleu cheese dressing.

Have you ever found yourself snacking on celery and wondering if your dog can have a bite? I know my dog will beg for anything, so it’s always hard to say no.

Can dogs eat celery? Is it good for them like it is us, humans? The answer to both questions is yes, but there are safe and unsafe ways of serving the vegetable. Read on to find out how much your pet can safely consume!

celery for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Celery is a great food choice for dogs! According to, it has low caloric value and some fantastic benefits when used as dog treats or in homemade dog recipes like cookies! In fact, celery can be found in certain types of commercial dog foods because it contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health at the number of calories they provide.

Can dogs eat celery? Yes-it’s one of the better “people” foods for them according to due to its pretty fantastic benefits while having very few calories compared with most other vegetables which makes the vitamin/mineral ratio favorable. It’s also included (in small amounts) into many diets including those created by veterinarians themselves such as specific

celery for dogs

Can dogs eat celery leaves?

Celery leaves may be the most flavorful part of a celery plant, but dogs shouldn’t eat them.

Celery is a vegetable high in nutritional value, but it can be dangerous if not grown organically. The leaves are where the toxins and pesticides accumulate according to

Some people might disagree with how dangerous the celery leaves actually are, but I’m cautious because it could affect my dog’s health.

celery for dogs

Why Celery Is Good For Dogs

Celery is a great treat for your dog because it contains tons of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K according to the American Kennel Club. This contributes to strong bones that are beneficial to older dogs or energetic ones.

If your dog is always feeling snacky, or if you are engaged in some serious dog training that requires positive reinforcement with treats, celery may be the perfect option. Celery contains almost as much potassium as bananas but it’s very low calorie and still packs a satisfying crunch.

This vegetable is great for a dog on the go. In fact, it is 95% water. Its high water content makes it ideal to keep your pup hydrated throughout summer days and long walks!

celery for dogs

When Can Celery Be Bad For Dogs?

While your dog may not be able to digest the fruits and vegetables as well as you, it is still a good idea to give celery in small portions. Celery contains lots of water which can cause excess urination or diarrhea if given too much at once, The Smart Canine warns. For this reason, treat them with celery sparingly!

celery for dogs

How Much Celery Can Dogs Have?

According to the American Kennel Club, treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s diet. Celery falls into that category and it is always good to consult a vet before feeding them.

celery for dogs

How To Feed Celery To Dogs

When giving your dog celery, cut it into small chunks to avoid choking or intestinal blockage. The AKC also warns that large pieces of celery can be dangerous for dogs when fed whole because they could potentially choke on them and get blocked intestines.

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