LeVar Burton’s Wife, Stephanie Cozart Burton, Is Amazing!

LeVar Burton, the Reading Rainbow host, and actor is known for his roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Roots will make a guest appearance as Jeopardy!’s new showrunner. His first episode is scheduled to air during Season 37 in which starts on July 26th, 2021. The fans of the iconic host LeVar Burton want him to become a permanent part of their screens and they’re curious about his life off-screen. They wonder: who is he married to? What does he do in his free time?

stephanie cozart burton

With 28 years of marriage, LeVar Burton and his wife have two children together.

Stephanie Cozart Burton has her own significant experience in the industry. She is a professional makeup artist best known for White Men Can’t Jump, The Talk, and In Living Color. Stephanie’s expertise led to nine nominations for awards over time. LeVar Burton met his wife Stephanie on the set of Roots: The Gift in 1988. They married 4 years later and had two children, Eian (from Levar’s previous relationship) and Michaela professionally known as Mica.

stephanie cozart burton

Stephanie and LeVar’s children are just as enthusiastic about entertainment, which they get from their parents. Stephanie is currently a member of the makeup team for Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

There is a movement online to get LeVar Burton as the new host for Jeopardy! and he has already been asked to guest-host. The showrunners are looking at him, so we might have our answer soon enough about whether they plan on keeping him around or not!

stephanie cozart burton

What is Levar’s net worth and how much he’ll make by hosting Jeopardy!?

The salary of the guest host for Jeopardy! is not known, but we can make some assumptions based on clues. Alex Trebek reportedly made $10 million annually through his hosting before passing away and during Katie Couric’s stint as a guest host, the show made a $230,504 donation to a charitable organization she founded. A donation is not the same as a salary, but guest hosts on Jeopardy! might actually receive a small salary and then donate the rest to charity. A popular way for celebrities to raise money for charities has been through hosting Jeopardy!, especially during the Greatest Of All Time Tournament. However, it seems that he doesn’t need this extra income since his net worth is estimated at $6 million — which isn’t too far off from Alex Trebek’s annual pay ($10 million).

LeVar Burton is a man of many talents. His success in shows like ABC drama Roots, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Reading Rainbow have been the building blocks for an empire built around childhood favorites. Fans are hoping that his next big project will be Jeopardy! which would inspire another generation with LeVar’s wise words.

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