What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking?

Everyone knows smoking isn’t good for you. Even smokers. But for those that are addicted, the side effects of years of smoking can be reversed once the user quits smoking cigarettes.

Here are the stages of health improvements most smokers experience once they abstain from the habit.

quitting smoking

The Beginning of Improvements
20 MINUTES after last cigarette: Pulse and the blood pressure are normalized.

Return to Normal
8 HOURS after last cigarette: Carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in the blood neutralize.

Lower Heart Attack Risk
24 HOURS after last cigarette: Risk of heart attack is lowered.

Sensual Perception Restored
48 HOURS after last cigarette: Sense of taste and smell begin to improve. Nerve endings begin to regrow.

Improved Circulation
2 WEEKS – 3 MONTHS: Blood circulation improves, lung function increased up to 30%.

Easier Breathing
1 – 9 MONTHS: Body begins to regain energy. Issues pertaining to shortness of breath, coughs, and sinus congestion are reduced. Cilia begin regrowing in the lungs, thus lowering risk of infection.

Improved Heart health
1 YEAR: Risk of coronary heart disease is lowered by 50%.

Lower Cancer Risk
5 YEARS: Risk of throat, mouth, and esophageal cancer is reduced by half when compared to smokers.

15 YEARS: Risk of developing heart disease is the same as in the case of a non-smoker.


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