Proof Of Evolution That You Can Find On Your Body

If there is a Natural History museum in your area, you are able to view fossils and remains of animals that are meant to portray various evolutionary advances over their time spent on earth, including humans.

If not, don’t worry, you just may have the most fascinating living specimen, your physical body!

palmaris longus1

Your body is riddled with natural relics! There are many things on our body that we actually don’t need anymore! For example, body hair. With clothes even the “goose bumps” that appear on our skin are minor irritations; as opposed to our ancestors who needed body hair for warmth in conjunction with goose bumps to increase the surface area on their skin in order to retain heat!

We also no longer need a third eyelid,or even the useless wisdom teeth in our mouth! However, until recently, it has come to be known that a particular tendon that was useful to our ancestors who swung from tree to tree is not found in some people.

palmaris longus2

Ongoing human evolution!

If you thought humans were finished with evolving,  you would be in the wrong. This is quite exciting.  What will humans look like a 5000 years from now? Perhaps they would seem quite odd to us in fact! The “tendon of the hour” so to speak is the palmaris longus! It is located in your forearm and, if you have it, is easily discernable by placing your palm face up, bending your wrist, and then closing your fingers!

So who doesn’t have the tendon? Of course, 10-15% of people today no longer have this particular tendon! If you are of the 10-15% you are on your way to evolution, and if you are still with tendon, well then you have learned a little about your ancestral past.

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