TikTok Drama of Taylor Frankie Paul Spilled Over Into an Obsession on Reddit

It’s not uncommon for TikTok drama to spread to other platforms. This is the case with Mormon mom-turned-TikTok star Taylor Frankie Paul, whose relationship drama has enraged users on Reddit subreddits dedicated to TikTok drama. For some, Taylor’s announcement that she was separating from her husband set off a wave of speculation about whether or not she and her husband were actually moving.

Mormon mom Taylor Frankie Paul has sparked a massive craze on Reddit.

Taylor Frankie Paul

Subreddits like TikTok Gossip and Momtok Gossip became engrossed in the saga following Taylor’s announcement that she and Tate were divorcing. If you’re interested in a comprehensive account of what transpired, Redditors have put together a post with all the pertinent information.

Taylor recently posted a video in which she confirmed that she is divorcing her husband and said that she was part of a group of “soft swingers.” Redditors were quick to link the video to other well-known TikTok moms from Utah who are close friends with Taylor. It appears that Taylor cheated, but Redditors are still debating who she cheated with and who else was involved.

Redditors are going down the rabbit hole.

Redditors were aware that people outside of the Reddit community had no idea what they were talking about even as they became engrossed in the story’s minutiae.

Many people wondered aloud, “Okay, but why was it me last night trying to explain everything to my spouse who doesn’t know any of these people or really uses social media?”

Another commenter said they were “embarrassed” by how invested they had become in the story, and another said that they had only recently heard of Taylor and her circle and were already deeply invested in it. Others said they had grown up in the Mormon world, but had no idea anyone was “swinging” inside of it.


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Taylor recently lost her TikTok account.

Taylor Frankie Paul

Taylor’s TikTok account appears to have been deleted most recently. Reddit went into a tizzy when this happened, but it’s not yet clear what happened to her account. Even if she did it herself, the obsessive Redditors will continue to keep tabs on every turn and turn as the story develops.

Several people on Reddit have pointed out that Reddit’s attention is likely gratifying for those involved in the story, including Taylor and the rest of the cast. While this may be the case, it appears that most Redditors don’t give a hoot about it. Their focus is on speculation and cheating rather than on whether they are encouraging others to post their entire lives on TikTok.