What Does Ratio Mean On Tiktok?

Tiktok has never run out of new trends, challenges, and dances since its inception. Eventually, you are also starting to get used to terms used in the app. Remember when you didn’t know what “fyp” meant? That was a long time ago.

Recently, TikTok has a new mystery word for users to solve. You might notice on some Tiktok videos, people commenting saying “ratio me” or “ratio me 1:1”. So what does “ratio” that mean?

Here’s how it generally works. Someone will comment on a video saying “Ratio me 1:1”. It’s a request to other Tiktok users to match the “likes” of that particular comment to the “likes” of that video he/she commented on. So if a video has 2,000 likes, users commenting “ratio me 1:1” are hoping to get 2,000 likes as well.

what does ratio mean on tiktok

It works like magic sometimes. But other times, TikTok users decide a comment is worthy or not of the ratio treatment. If you care so much about Tiktok likes and your “ratio me 1:1” comment didn’t get any attention, that’s a total punishment.

@ahass034at least he tried right? ##failed ##ratio ##unitedstates ##DoritosFlatLife ##foryou♬ he look like Bobby – david

But to make things more confusing, some users use “ratioed” when a reply to a comment receives more likes than the video itself. When someone comments something like ratio me 1:1:1:1″ it means that he/she wants the comment, as well as three replies to that comment, to each have the same number of likes.

@matthewid##greenscreensticker ##meme ##viral ##fyp ##matthewid ##ratio♬ Enoch Nior – ソゲキング

If you are still confused about this “ratio” trend, don’t worry — you’re definitely not alone.

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