Are Rumors That Tiktoker Vegan Teacher Goes To Jail True?

A self-proclaimed animal activist has become an internet sensation after going viral for her videos about promoting a vegan lifestyle. Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, a former elementary school teacher uses Tiktok to encourage people to go vegan and protect animals.

She’s the vegan teacher who has gained more than 1 million followers on TikTok. However, her approach to “educating” followers on the importance and nutritional value of being vegan has been questioned by many people. She uses songs to convey her message but her tunes are full of dirty words. She also has accused those who like to eat meats of being promotors of murder.

Rumors started spreading around the internet in January 2021 that the vegan teacher goes to jail. Is this true? Rumors about That Vegan Teacher claiming she was arrested started after she seemingly poked fun at a commenter who said their friend died because they went vegan.

vegan teacher goes to jail

One person asked, “Wait a damn minute is That Vegan Teacher actually in jail,”. Another individual tweeted, “So I saw on TikTok that the vegan teacher is ALLEGEDLY going to jail because in Canada is illegal to call urself a teacher if [you’re] not [one]. So if she’s going or is in jail.”

That Vegan Teacher has denied that she was arrested or in jail. She also told her followers to not freak out and check her free documentation titled Dominion.

In another viral video, Miss Kadie put her singing skills to use by performing a song about Chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon’s witty comebacks were no match for That Vegan Teacher and he ended up stuffing his mouth with lettuce before switching to a beefy burger.

@gordonramsayofficial #duet with @thatveganteacher Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp ♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay – Tik Toker

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