Woman Is Stunned When This Man Starts Peeping While She Breastfed

Before having a kid, I was slightly grossed out by this idea. I liked the idea of breastfeeding, thought it was beautiful/sweet, etc., but the possibility of seeing a nipple, with fluids coming out it kind of squicked me out.

Now that I’ve learned more about it and actually done it, I don’t see the big deal. Babies have to eat when they have to eat – the nature of breastfeeding means sometimes babies have to eat really, really frequently.

I’ve been treated like feeding my baby in public (discreetly) like it was some perverse peep show. I had a man stand up in a mall to get a better view of me breastfeeding. I asked his father to say something, and he didn’t want to cause a “scene, ” so instead, I did.

I stood up with my son latched and said: Sir! My son is eating his lunch like everyone else here, if you want a peep show, strippers are well paid for that!

Guy ran out of the mall, my son’s father was mortified, and I was quite proud of myself.

I wasn’t going to let anyone shame me for doing what was natural. Share this if you think this woman did the right thing by standing up for what she thought is a natural process.

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