Hidden Camera Captures The Postman’s Cute Daily Ritual With “Dangerous Dog”

This 9-month-old dog from New Zealand is looked down upon by many of his owner Michael Collins’s neighbors as a “dangerous dog.”  No one would approach him except one postal worker. An unidentified mailman has been recently caught on camera petting the sweet, misunderstood dog and the pooch just couldn’t look happier.

“Everyday whether or not we have mail, this mailman always stops to see my dog who is only 9 months old,” Collins writes on Facebook. “He always gets overlooked as a dangerous or unapproachable dog, maybe cause he’s big, I am not sure. He doesn’t bark at them or growl (maybe the odd couple times he barks at people but which dog doesn’t.) But this guy here always makes an effort to get off his bike to give him a hug and a pat!” Do you know who this wonderful guy is? Let us know in the comments below!


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