How To Share Post on Instagram Story 2021?

how to share post on instagram story 2021

Today, Instagram is launching a new test of a ‘Re-Share’ sticker for Instagram Stories, which will enable people to re-share feed posts that they’ve recently viewed in the app via a new, dedicated sharing format, as opposed to simply re-pasting the entire feed post into a Stories frame. So, how to share post on Instagram story 2021?

As you can see here, the new process will show you a list of posts you have recently viewed or saved in the app, including feed and Flush content. You will then be able to choose which message you want to share with your story, after which the message will appear in a smaller sticker that you can add to your larger story image or video. The idea is that it will encourage users to be more creative in their redistribution, as opposed to justifying feed posts in their stories – something that Instagram has been working to limit or even eradicate in recent months. As explained by Instagram director of product Vishal Shah:

People tell us that they prefer original Stories content over re-shared posts, so we’re testing a new way to re-share w / stickers. Our hope is that people will be more intentional when they share, which will create a better Stories experience for everyone. 

how to share post on instagram story 2021

But is it true? Do people not like to see feed posts again that want to update or remove the option? We’re talking Instagram here – but every time it experimented with this element, there was at least some backlash from users.

So, according to IG, people do not like to see feed posts in stories. Which makes sense. If you follow a profile and see their regular posts in your mainstream, it’s probably not the best experience to see exactly the same content that is repeated in their stories.

Yet many Instagram users have voiced their opposition to the test, especially businesses that share stories to bolster posts about their brand and products. Instagram seems to have heard the problems and has been so ever since. working on variations of this new ‘Re-Share’ sticker along with other labeling options for posting Stories.

how to share post on instagram story 2021

And now, it turns out, this new variant is the decision to go along. This will undoubtedly be an annoyance to some users, but it seems like a compromise that allows retrieval while preserving the original content of Stories to some extent. Anyway, at first, it’s just a limited test, with Instagram saying it’s just a small test subset of users will see the new option in their Stories sticker. But it does seem to be a way to develop more creativity around sharing, and it can also facilitate sharing of relevant content.

It might actually be a better way to go. We will keep you informed of any progress.