After She Nearly Dies From Energy Drinks, She Has A Huge Warning For Everyone

Mary Allwood, is a 26 year-old who was mistaken as an alcoholic due to her severely damaged liver and bloated appearance. Allwood admitted to doctors that she drank 12 or more cans of Red Bull daily. She admits to spending at least $3,000 yearly on Red Bull alone. That is the equivalent to 17 bars of chocolate and 15 cups of coffee!

red bull woman1

Her life was in danger.

red bull woman2

All because of her deadly addiction to Red Bull. During her time in the hospital, doctors and nurses kept her off the drinks. It took Allwood 6 months to recover fromher addiction.

red bull woman3

Allwood is now a changed woman.  She has lost most of the weight she gained, and is healthier than ever since May 2016. She now advises people to read the nutritional labels of drinks before they purchase them.

red bull woman4

Doctors advise that energy drinks should be consumed in moderation, and alongside a healthy diet with plenty of clear fluids for optimal hydration levels.

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