Dandrae Martin Is Suspected Of Being One Of The Shooters In A Mass Shooting In Sacramento

Smiley Martin, the second suspect, is Dandrae Martin’s brother.

Dandrae Martin was one of the shooters in the downtown mass shooting, according to the Sacramento Police Department. Six people were killed and 12 were injured in the shooting on Sacramento’s K Street early Sunday morning.

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Martin made his first court appearance since the shooting on Tuesday. Instead of being assigned a public defender, he was temporarily represented by a private lawyer on behalf of conflict criminal defense attorneys. When the public defender’s office announces an overload, it assigns cases to a panel of attorneys. In most cases, this indicates that the office lacks sufficient defenders to handle the case.

Wing & Parisi attorney Linda Parisi said her client’s case was adjourned until April 26 since they didn’t have any police records to work with.

“We need to acquire the police reports, examine what the evidence is, and figure out what to do and how to appropriately handle the cases,” she said.

As soon as Martin was informed of his charges, Parisi described him as solemn and solemn.

“To properly defend someone, you must examine all of the information to determine what they can prove.” Is it possible for them to back up the allegations? Mr. Martin, like everyone else accused of a crime, is assumed innocent at this time,” Parisi added.

Smiley Martin was arrested on Tuesday, according to police reports.

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Smiley Martin, Dandrae Martin’s brother, was one of many people rushed to a local hospital with gunshot wounds following the incident on Sunday, according to a Sacramento Police Department press release. He was “immediately identified as a person of interest and has remained under the watch of an officer at the hospital as his treatment continues,” according to the press release.

Tuesday morning, Smiley was apprehended. He remains in the hospital, however. He will be charged with possessing a firearm by a prohibited person and possessing a machine gun once he is healthy enough, according to authorities.

Smiley allegedly posted a live Facebook video of himself displaying a handgun hours before the incident, according to police. Authorities are attempting to ascertain whether the weapon seen in the video was used in the shooting, according to the official, who was briefed on the investigation but was not to discuss specifics publicly and spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

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Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office refused an early release request for Smiley Martin on April 29, 2021, as “he poses a serious, unjustifiable risk of safety to the community,” according to court filings.

Smiley, according to Deputy District Attorney Danielle Abildgaard, has “displayed a pattern of criminal behavior” for most of his adult life, having committed numerous felonies. Previously, Smiley was convicted of robbery and handgun possession, according to a letter from the District Attorney’s office. Providing false information to the authorities was also a misdemeanor on his record.

According to the letter, “Inmate Martin has repeatedly proved that he cannot fulfill the laws or requirements the court lays on him. In the past, he has shown a willingness to disregard the penalties and regulations imposed on him in order to pursue his own personal agenda. ”

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His brother Dandrae Martin, 26, was detained on Monday and charged with assault and unlawful firearm possession, according to police. He’ll be arraigned on Tuesday, according to Martin’s court date. Without bail, he has been detained.

There is no homicide charge against either person. On Tuesday, it wasn’t apparent if the Martins had attorneys who could represent them in court.

According to the source, investigators suspect the brothers were in possession of stolen firearms and are working to investigate financial papers, contact logs, and social media posts in order to identify how and when they obtained weapons. The inquiry into the shooting and the probe into firearms has taken authorities to a number of different places.

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Three Sacramento-area homes have been served search warrants as part of the investigation so far, and one firearm has been seized. In the wake of Sunday’s shooting, police have received roughly 200 images or videos.

At least four people injured were in critical condition, according to the Sacramento Fire Department‘s report. According to spokesperson Tricia Tomiyoshi, seven of the victims had been discharged from the hospital by Monday, and two were still being treated at UC Davis Medical Center on Tuesday. There were no details given about their situation.

Yamile Martinez-Andrade and Johntaya Alexander, both 21, were the three women who were slain in the shooting at an apartment complex in Sacramento. In total, Sergio Harris, De’vazia Turner, and Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi all clocked in at 38 years of age.

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